Environmental Initiatives

Replace the current practice of using portable diesel tank by forklift and lift it up to use the gravity to fill up diesel tanks installed on rig equipment. ADC made the below design tanks with wheels and equipped with hand pump for refilling any equipment, this design has been approved by ARAMCO EDD & LPD. The design is under field test at this time.

The Current Practice

Using the forklift to move the portable diesel tank and fill the other tanks/equipment using the gravity. (Not acceptable and needs to be replaced by alternate process)

The Proposed Tank

  • The total capacity will be 1000 litre
  • Height will be 1.5 Meters
  • Special Hand pump with high flow rate which given 22L / Min
  • Special tires (Air less) no need to service, no need to increase tire pressure & special rubber under warranty for 25 years
  • Front pad eye for easy hook and unhook the portable tank to the forklift
  • Side lifting pipe for lifting during rig move
  • Front wheel swivel

Cleaning the pipes casing or drill pipes can cause minor/moderate spills around the pipe racks. To avoid any spill ADC made a Mobile Drip Trolley to be used below the pipes while cleaning, it easy to move and suitable for the job.


  • To mitigate oil spill/soil contamination
  • Easy to move as tire mounted
  • Easy to clean and handle
  • Environmental friendly
  • Long life compares to plastic drip pans

Case Study

Water consumption is increasing due to demographic growth and increasing social/economic development. The current rate of fresh water consumption is not sustainable as well as Saudi Arabia’s water need cannot be fulfilled with non-renewable waste water resources.

From this standpoint, our environmental team made a study to measure the use of potable water between the rigs that have water savers installed with the rigs that do not have this system in place. The results were good as using this technique may save an average of over 1 Million liters of water per quarter.

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