Corporate Citizenship


Being a socially responsible corporate citizen and promoting the wellbeing of our human capital, and the economy and communities we operate in, remains an important part of TAQA’s business. As such, we have created a Corporate Citizenship plan based on four pillars including:


Training & Development

We are committed to developing a diverse and enabled workforce and providing equal opportunities in an environment where safety, wellness, training and development are at the forefront.

Community Involvement & Development

We are dedicated to making a positive impact on society and work closely with leading bodies to foster initiatives that add societal value such as philanthropic work, micro-projects and those that support health and wellness.

Operating Practices

We are steadfast in our resolve to do the right thing, both legally and ethically, in the way we conduct our business ventures; embracing Saudi Arabia’s regulatory obligations and guiding principles.


We strive to reduce our environmental footprint in order to safeguard Planet Earth for the betterment of this generation and the ones to follow and go the extra mile to minimize any potential environmental repercussions.


We care about our environment...